Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon

The Longest Running Triathlon In Palm Beach County

October 24, 2021

Bill Bone Tropical Tri 2021

The 23rd Annual Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon was held at Lake Worth Beach Park on October 24, 2021. This sporting event produced in cooperation with the City of Lake Worth Beach is the longest-running triathlon in Palm Beach County.

The morning started with a beautiful sunrise an overcast sky with pleasant temperatures in the high 70’s. Our Aquatic team of experts determined that the current was running from north to the south so, in keeping with race tradition, the swim followed the current. There was just enough wave action on the well-guarded open water swim to make the race exciting.

By 8 am the sky opened up for about 30 minutes of moderate to heavy rain confirming once again why we call this the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon. Yes folks, Palm Beach County is in the Tropics and 70% of the State’s rainfall occurs during the rainy season which ends in the month of October.

The bike course with two trips over the 100-foot-high Lake Worth Bridge was the biggest challenge of the Race, but most riders took extra caution and remembered to stay to the right in the designated bridge bike lane. The well-paved city streets drained quickly and the entire bike course featured local residents and Lake Worth High School Students cheering on the cyclists.

The run through Bryant Park and the adjacent historic downtown neighborhood was flat and fast. The post-rain temperature was cooler than usual making the run unusually pleasant for this time of year.

The Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon is officially sanctioned by USA Triathlon. The race involved 334 registered participants who delighted at the great free swag including a performance racing cap, long sleeve cotton event shirt, and free action photos.

Every age category was recognized with special mugs for the winners. Every finisher earned a medal but more importantly, this local event raised thousands of dollars, after event expenses, to support the Lake Worth High School Air Force Junior ROTC while simultaneously raising even more fun and memories for the participants.

The Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon is held every October so get ready for 2022.

Race Photos

Winners of 2021 Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon

Overall Winners (Female)

  1. Renee Milton
  2. Reem Jishi
  3. Mary Galbicka

Masters (Female)

  1. Lisa Contino

Winners Photo Album (Female)


Overall Winners (Male)

  1. John Reback
  2. Brian Powlowski
  3. Audie McRae

Masters (male)

  1. Bernie Perez

Winners Photo Album (Male)


Social Race Photos - credit Gail V Haines

Complete Results of 2021 Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon


The Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon is a non-profit event proudly produced by Trial Lawyer and amateur recreational triathlete Bill Bone to promote the sport of Triathlon and to support the Lake Worth High School Air Force Junior ROTC. Every year the student cadets volunteer to patrol the downtown bike course to help keep it safe, and staff the water stations on the run. In addition to the money donated to the AFJROTC by the event, participants also donate money over and above the registration fee to support the students. We thank the following athletes for their generous personal contributions:

$50 on behalf of Gina Levesque
$50 on behalf of Jim Moore
$50 on behalf of Simon Isaacs
$30 on behalf of David Dodson
$30 on behalf of Francisco Gil
$30 on behalf of Jerry Mandello
$30 on behalf of Nancy Ojea
$20 on behalf of Audie McRae
$20 on behalf of David Hedlin
$20 on behalf of Gladys DiGirolamo
$20 on behalf of Jeffrey Waber
$20 on behalf of Justin Saunders
$20 on behalf of Lucas Bjoin
$20 on behalf of Marie Cupit
$20 on behalf of Mark Hamel
$20 on behalf of Mat Gibson
$20 on behalf of Michele D’Aquino
$20 on behalf of Sherry Gargano
$10 on behalf of Alvaro Grande
$10 on behalf of Armando Petitjean
$10 on behalf of Barry Balmuth
$10 on behalf of Benjamin Plachter
$10 on behalf of Bill Perry
$10 on behalf of Carolyn Fast
$10 on behalf of Chelsey Sturtevant
$10 on behalf of Chris Gioia
$10 on behalf of Christopher Gworek
$10 on behalf of Debra Gorin
$10 on behalf of Dov Holmes
$10 on behalf of Gala McCray
$10 on behalf of Gustavo Larrosa
$10 on behalf of Jason Matta
$10 on behalf of Jason Taber
$10 on behalf of Joe Scalia
$10 on behalf of John Szerdi
$10 on behalf of Joseph Kennedy
$10 on behalf of Justin Gaeta
$10 on behalf of Kamilla Nagy
$10 on behalf of Ken Carlson
$10 on behalf of Kristina Weaver
$10 on behalf of Lisa Alea
$10 on behalf of Lisa Nisenson
$10 on behalf of mauree cotter
$10 on behalf of Megan Lorang
$10 on behalf of Melanie Hooks
$10 on behalf of Miguel Di Criscio
$10 on behalf of Philip Lyon
$10 on behalf of Rachel DeBuck
$10 on behalf of Scott Dickinson
$10 on behalf of Scott Lelling
$10 on behalf of Thomas Miller
$10 on behalf of Walter Cals
$5 on behalf of Ilia Correa
$1 on behalf of Kirk Batteiger


Bill Bone is a 3rd generation native of Palm Beach County. Bill Bone considers it a privilege to practice law and support all aspects of civic life in the same city and county where he was born and raised. He is Board-Certified by The Florida Bar as a Specialist in Civil Trial Law, an earned distinction that places him in the Top 10% of all lawyers practicing in the State.

He primarily represents accident victims with an emphasis on injured cyclists who have been negligently hit by cars. Bill Bone loves to swim, ride, and run but readily admits he spends all his professional time working for his clients, with pleasure and passion so he is proud to say he is a much better Trial Lawyer than Triathlete. His professional team at Bill Bone Bike Law includes skilled athletes and he also relies on the volunteer help of many well-known friends and champions of the sport who donate their time and energy to make the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon possible every year.

LC Tri Shop West Palm Beach Logo

LC Tri Shop – Is a family owned and operated business opened in 2014 that provides technical support to the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon. Founders Angy & Leo Conteras manage one of the largest cycling teams in West Palm Beach. They are always willing to help meet the needs of their client customers on the course and at their two stores. The bike sales and repair shop is located at 1090 Dixie Highway in downtown West Palm Beach and their specialty retail store known as LC TRI Shop Boutique located around the corner at 500 Palm Street offers a large inventory of running, riding and swimming clothes, gear and equipment. We are grateful to LC Tri for their support of our participant athletes and their support of the sport of the entire cycling and triathlon community. 

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