Bill Bone Giro

Presented By Duffy's Sports Grill

October 16, 2022

Bill Bone Giro

This event consists of 2 groups. There will be an ‘A’ group (fast 24mph +) and a ‘B’ group (slow and chill 18-20 mph). The ‘A’ group will head North from LC Tri Shop Boutique to Hobe Sound Beach and back for a total of 60 miles and the B group will ride North for 20 miles and head back to the shop for a total 40 miles.

 ‘A’ Group (60 miles) will ride at a neutral pace (20-22mph) until the Blue Heron Bridge. After the group crosses the bridge, the speed will pick up and be controlled at a steady (24 mph+) paced by select riders and escorted by the Florida Highway Patrol. There will be a short rest stop halfway at the Jupiter Island Town Hall just before Hobe Sound Beach. On the return back, the pace will resume to (24mph+) to the top of the Blue Heron bridge. Riders will then make their way to (easy ride) Duffy’s Sports Grill (Olive Avenue & Clematis Street) in Downtown West Palm Beach for a free lunch.

‘B’ Group (40 miles) will ride at controlled pace until the Blue Heron Bridge, after this, the speed will increase (18-20 mph). There is a rest stop halfway at Carlin Park in Jupiter. On the return back the pace will resume at 18-20mph to Blue Heron bridge. Riders will then ride easy to Duffy’s Sports Grill in Downtown West Palm Beach for a lunch. 

Event Details

October 16, 2022
8:00 am
LCI Tri Shop, 1909 S Dixie Hwy
West Palm Beach, FL 33401 United States

Results of Last Years Giro

The 1st Annual Bill Bone Giro was held on a beautiful Sunday in South Florida on October 17, 2021, starting at 7 a.m.  The event course started and ended at LC Tri Shop Boutique located at 500 Palm St., Suite A, West Palm Beach, FL 33401.  It was a scenic morning ride to Jupiter Island and back with a Florida Highway Patrol escort and logistical support from ESP Timing.  The ride was at full capacity with 100 participants in the “A” group (60-mile ride at 24 mph+) and 80 in the “B” group (40-mile ride at a neutral pace of 20-22 mph).

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors—Bill Bone Bike Law, LC Tri Shop Boutique, Duffy’s Sports Grill, and Bill Bone Road & Gravel Series—the Giro was a free event for all participants.    

Video of Last Years Giro

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