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Bill Bone Florida State Gravel Championship & Gravel Grinder Presented by City Bikes

December 11, 2022 @ 6:15 am - 8:00 am


Florida State Gravel Championship & Gravel Grinder

Presented by City Bikes

 Sunday, December 11, 2022 

Voted the #1 Gravel Course in Florida – Everglades Holiday Park


City Bikes Pembroke Pines (located in the Palm Johnson Plaza Shopping Center): 701 NW 99th Ave, Hollywood, Fl 33024

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2022 – 1pm to 5pm at City Bikes Pembroke Pines (RECOMMENDED)

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2022 – BEGINNING AT 6:15AM (Everglades Holiday Park – Pavilion on North Side of the building (REGISTRATION ON EVENT DAY IS ALSO AVAILABLE)

LOCATION START/FINISH:  Everglades Holiday Park – 21940 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33332 – Directions Click Here


Florida State Gravel Championship Female Categories (Start Times will be in 1-minute intervals and each age category will start together – Start Times are posted next to your name – Please always double check start times before the event)

Female 18-39 (60 Miles)
Female 40-49 (60 Miles)
Female 50-59  (60 Miles)
Female 60+  (30 Miles)


Florida State Gravel Championship Male Categories (Start Times will be in 1-minute intervals and each age category will start together – Start Times are posted next to your name – Please always double check start times before the event)
Male 18-29  (60 Miles)
Male 30-34  (60 Miles)
Male 35-39  (60 Miles)
Male 40-44  (60 Miles)
Male 45-49  (60 Miles)
Male 50-54  (60 Miles)
Male 55-59  (60 Miles)
Male 60-64  (30 Miles)
Male 65-69  (30 Miles)
Male 70 + (30 Miles)


Florida State Gravel Championship Categories – Category Winners will receive the Florida State Gravel Champion Jersey (must be a Florida Resident).  *Your racing age is your age as of December 31, 2022.


30 Mile Gravel Grinder Categories (Medals Top 3) – Start Time is 8:15am (Mass Start)

Men/Women – Fat Tire (No Gravel Bike with Fat Tires – This is a Mountain Bike)

Men/Women – Intermediate

Men/Women – Beginner (First Timers/No Sandbaggers)


20 Mile Gravel Adventure – Start Time is 8:30am (Medals Top 3) (Mass Start)

Men/Women – You may use any bike for the Gravel Adventure.  The course is challenging and very fun.  The group is not for the riders who want to complete for an award but are focused on the personal accomplishment and post event activities.


Awards Ceremony (All Events) – Estimated at 12pm.

Event Time Cut Off is 2:00pm (timing line will be removed)


COST OF EVENT – Early fee by December 5, 2022:  $49 (20-mile Gravel Adventure), $59 (Gravel Grinder) and $69 (Florida State Gravel Championship) Add $10 after that. – Entry fee includes Post event food by PDQ (chicken, salads, etc.), drinks, custom event shirts, insurance fee, custom award medals, professional chip timing and neutral support.  Registration closes at 11:59pm on December 10, 2022.  Event Day registration: add $10.  You must be at least 18 years of age or older to participate in this event.


COURSE MAP CLICK HERE  –  Click on the Strava File, then you can export either a TCX (recommended) or GPX file. Then upload the file to you cycling computer.  Please note:  None of the courses use the road leading to Mack’s Fish Camp – This is private property so please keep out.  Please use the levee roadway that is just West of the canal that boarders Mack’s Fish Camp.  There will be painted arrows on the ground and limited A-frame signs.  You are encouraged to download the mapping on your cycling computer or cell phone.


60 MILE COURSE – Please be advised that 60-mile group will complete two (2), one and one-half laps.  On Lap 1 you will see a sign that reads 30/60 Mile (arrow right) and which directs riders to the interior loop (which is a 10-mile loop).  You will see the same sign 10 miles later (DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT-HAND TURN) when you ride by the 30/60-mile sign as you will add an extra 10 miles.  NOTE:  You will complete 2 full 1 ½ laps for the 60-mile event.  Use your Strava file.


20- & 30-MILE COURSE – The 30-mile group will complete one full lap, plus the interior loop.  The 20-mile Gravel Adventure group will ‘skip’ the interior loop and head back to Everglades Holiday Park.   There is Neutral Support at Mile 20 for all groups.  The 30- & 60-mile groups will also pass the same support tent at Mile 25.



To provide an overall safe experience we have again hired the ‘Gladesmen’ from Mack Fish Camp for ‘water safety patrol duties’ for the 4-water crossings (spillways) which are approximately 18 to 30 inches (and 20-40 yards long).  When approaching these spillways, the road descends towards them and the gravel is loose, so use caution.  Large A-frame warning signs will be posted.  It is highly recommended to dismount off your bike, walk it down, and carry your bike through the water.  Then you will run/walk you bike up to the top off the levee road.  WARNING: Please also be advised that you are in the middle of the Florida Everglades and there may be snakes, alligators on the course at any time, please always use caution.


GOOD ADVICE: Do not over inflate your tires as many areas of the levee system are rocky.  You are subject to flats if you have too much tire pressure.  Keep pressure low and you ride will be smoother, fasters and more enjoyable.




PAVILLION, STAGING FOOD, VENDOR AREA – As you enter the park you will see the large building for the airboat tour operations.  The event has rented the large pavilion with restroom on the water.  We will have post event goodies by PDQ of Pembroke Pines and lots of refreshments.  We will also have Dunkin Doughnuts and coffee to give you your needed sugar high.


Restrooms are located near the parking lot and at the staging area.



This event will start and end at the Everglades Holiday Park.  The start line will be at the West gate just East of the staging area.     



COURSE MAPS – The course will be well marked with yellow ground arrows and yellow signs/arrows.  Maps for Strava Ride with GPS are available by clicking HERE.


GATES, GATES, GATES – The good news is that the Florida State land manager has allowed the event to open select gates.  The start and finish gates will be open for the event.  The 2 gates located just after mile 8 will be closed which will require you to carry your bike over or through the gates.


GRAVEL ROAD CROSSING (Mile 8) – After you pass the 1st closed gate you will cross a gravel road that leads to Macks Fish Camp (Do not go down that road as you are going the incorrect way).  There may be light traffic entering the gravel road for tours and you need to be aware and ride carefully. There will be a large A-frame and gate that warns you of this road crossing.  There will be arrows on the ground that will lead you to the next gate.


COURSE MARKINGS – The route will be marked with paint on the gravel roads ONLY at turns.  Please download the GPS to your computer so you have a great experience.


WATER CROSSINGS –  Water crossing are patrolled by airboat and the ‘Gladesmen’ from nearby Mack’s Fish Camp.  After you pass the 2nd closed gate, approximately one mile later you will experience your first water crossing.  There are 4 of these dips into what is called a ‘spillway’.  Use care and caution as the gravel is very loose.   There are highly skilled riders who can ride down and through 24 inches of water, but most cannot.  It is recommended to get off your bike, run down the short descent and carry your bike through the 20-yard section.  The experience is quite refreshing and challenging.



We have hired the ‘Gladesmen’ to patrol the water crossings to make your experience enjoyable and stress free.   We will also have staff and our VeloPista photographer in the area so smile and give us your best pose. 


EVENT NUMBER/CHIP POSITION – Warning – There is a timing chip on the back of your event number – Please do not tie wrap the number to your seat post or any other tube.  You must place it on the front of your bike (yes, we know it causes wind drag) so we can see your number and more importantly the chip reads correctly.  And remember, if you wrap it, and it does not get a chip read, it’s your fault and you may not get a result.


CITY BIKES SUPPORT TENTS – There are 2 neutral support tents located on the course.  Lap 1 (Mile 15 and 25, 30) Lap 2 (Mile 45 and 55).  We will also have first aid at these tents.  We will supply plenty of water in orange containers (no bottles) and snacks.  Use your bottle to refill.


BOTTLE SWAP TABLE – 60 MILE GROUP – You can leave a personal at the ESPtiming tent located just after your first lap on the levee.  This table will also have a cooler of Coca-Cola’s aka rocket fuel and lots of goodies.



Real-time splits will be available for your family and friends at the link below.   The Start Check

Split in the live splits indicates when the rider started the event.  LINK FOR LIVE SPLITS


OPEN TO THE PUBLIC COURSE – Please be reminder that the levee trail system is open to recreational riders.  Please keep to the right and pass on the left.


SMILE – VeloPista Photo will be out on course taking your pics.  These photos are normally available the next day the link provided.


PLEASE DON’T OVER INFLATE YOUR TIRES.  The #1 reason riders do not complete gravel events are due to flat tires.  We want you to have a great gravel experience, which is why we list this as the #1 thing to focus on.  Please take a look at the provided tire pressure chart to assist you in the event. TIRE PRESSURE CHART


AWARDS – The top 3 in each category will get custom medals and the 60-mile winners will receive the Gravel Jersey.


LITTERING – Please do not litter our precious Everglades.  What you carry in with you, you should also carry out.


• Pick the right bike for the ride. (Gravel/Dirt specifics, mountain bike or fat tire bicycle).
• Road ID
• Phone
• Health Insurance Card, ID, Credit Card, Cash and Phone on a waterproof protected case.
• Helmet
• Gloves
• Eyewear
• Extra Tubes and air.
• Basic tools
• Gels, bar, snack
• Hydration (at least one 22oz bottle per hour) or (hydration backpack). NOTE: Any small backpack can help you carry extra hydration and basic tools/safety items.
• Small/Basic First-Aid Pack

• Bring your cell phone with you if you are able.  Always wear a helmet and please no aero-bars.
• Have your bicycle inspected for your own safety and the safety of others riding with you.
• Say “NO to Flats” by checking the condition “wear & tear” of your tires and making sure they are properly inflated. No joke, don’t be that guy, HA!
• Sunblock and Bug repellent
• Look ahead for slippery or loose surface and potential hazards.
• Pick your distance based on your ability.
• Safety first, you should not ride alone!
• Must be self-sufficient.
• Have a plan and let others know where you are headed and approximate time.
• Please Don’t wear earbuds, this is good group ride etiquette and a courtesy for your safety and the safety of others.
• CALL 911 in case of an emergency

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December 11, 2022
6:15 am - 8:00 am
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Everglades Holiday Park
- 21940 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33332 United States
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